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We are a company that serves as consultants and contractors to the entire business community world over, for their operational success. Whether you are:

a small business
mid-size business
a large corporation
starting a new business
expanding your current business
a government agency

we are dedicated to bring you the most powerful and creative solutions for your success. Find out more about our concept in From the Founder.


We are unique

We are a one stop company for meeting the challenges of your growing business. Our unique concept merges theory and practice under one umbrella. This uniqueness in concept referred to as "theo-pragmatism" saves you energy, time and money. It saves our clients the time and money to sift through information and knowledge by reading books, attending generic seminars and workshops and trying to decide how that knowledge will be applicable to their concept and or business. We develop pragmatic solutions that bring results. And we take pride in bringing to you:

  • powerful practical solutions, by sifting through knowledge and experience
  • personalized service
  • products of highest quality to businesses and organizations
  • assistance in managing your business for your growth and prosperity.

our commitment


our method of operations  Our Five Step Methodfive step method relentless pursuit excellence

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