Training & Staff Development


One of the most essential functions of leadership is training. This program develops the importance of training and it's direct relationship to improved customer service, sales building and improving the bottom line. It covers some of the basic principles and methods of learning and teaching and how to apply them in any organization and business. How to determine your training needs and how to develop a team.

Workshop Topics:

    • Training is the Backbone
    • After the hiring what happens?
    • Train the trainers; profile - avoid the traps of promoting the wrong person for this position
    • Conduct Results-based Training Meetings
    • Training is a continual, perpetual process
    • Developing training needs and Results-based programs; overall, position specific, product specific
    • Utilize your existing programs effectively
    • Give verbal and written instructions, clearly and precisely
    • Creating a training environment

You should attend if:

If you manage one or more person
If you are part of retail industry
If you are part of Restaurant and Hospitality industry
If you are part of a Human Resource Department
If you are part of a Training Department
If you are in telecommunications
If you are part of the Banking world
If you manage a sales force

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