Service is an Attitude


The 90's has generated and adopted the awareness towards ensuring customer satisfaction, as a result improving standards in the business world and increasing the expectations of customers. With the aggressive role of technology where the products are manufactured and improved with amazing speeds, in the new millennium we will see that it will be service that will sell products, not the reverse. In this program we focus on how to dazzle your customers.

Workshop topics:

    • Service with a smile and concern
    • The manners and etiquettes that make the difference
    • How to demonstrate on an on-going basis
    • Communication skills; verbal, tones and gestures and mailing
    • Listening; developing one of the most powerful tools
    • Fact finding
    • Empowerment of Service Staff
    • Repeat Satisfaction
    • Winning upset customers


You should attend if:

You are a new customer service representative
You are a customer service representative
You are customer service supervisor
You are customer service manager
Part of telecommunications
You work face-to-face with customers
Part of Restaurant & Hospitality Industry
Part of Banking

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