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Our special menu designed for the
Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

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We design training programs, using the CMS Model, for:

  • Management Training - all levels
  • Shift Supervisors
  • Employee Training
  • Product Manual
  • Food Safety & Sanitation
  • Preventative Maintenance

Front of the house Staff:

  • Dining Room Management
  • Wait staff; both in house and for carry-out station
  • Host / Hostess

Heart of the house Staff:

  • Cooks
  • Preps
  • Dishwashers
  • Support Staff

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Menu Development

Develop a theme and make your statement
Creative and innovative ideas for impacting local markets
Develop recipes that are attractive to the palate and profits
Design powerful attractive lay-outs to promote your image, without the clutter and confusion

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Cost of Food

Analyze cost of item by item - develop a usage report
Determine wastage and unaccounted food
Understand budget food cost
Determine variances - develop action plan to reduce it
Relate menu prices directly to the cost of food
Develop feasible and profitable ratios
Establish menu prices in relation to cost prices
Develop recipe costs and how they relate to food cost and impact the bottom line
Know your promotional costs before you launch new promotions
Analyze guest checks - know what is being given away without your consent / knowledge

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Purchasing & Receiving

Finding the best vendors for your concept
Continually upgrading vendor quality
Tying promotions with vendors
Develop a complete system to order accurately, with confidence, while maintaining freshness and minimizing dead stock.
Develop programs to monitor freshness of product.
Understand the concept of product "reevaluation" and how it effects your bottom line
Track your usage on a weekly basis using a product flow chart
Develop a systematic approach in receiving the products
Maintain an active system of returning products that fail to meet standards and quality and damaged products

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Cost of Labor

Understand productivity
Develop realistic productivity goals and achieve them
Develop monthly sales budgets and step them down to weekly and daily
Determine accurate training budgets
Implement models to track daily and hourly labor costs
Write schedules that relate directly to budgets and bottom line
Avoid the surprise factor when the actual weekly payroll is calculated and it's too late

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We also offer seminars exclusively for Restaurant & Hospitality Industries including:

  • May I serve you?
  • Being in control of Food Cost
  • Quality Service and Controlling Labor Cost
  • Sanitation Standards

For additional topics of seminars please check out:

We Offer a Variety of Seminars

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