Leadership & Management: complete course; it's principles and applications


A highly interactive program conducted in a workshop theme. It focuses on the basic principles of leadership, management, and it's applications. More importantly it concentrates on the execution of the practices as they apply to you.

This program is designed to integrate the knowledge and hands-on applications for all levels in layered management; from executives to front line managers. It's underlying theme continually accentuates how to apply for improving results and increasing profitability.

Upon completing this program you will have knowledge, skills and mastery to creatively accomplish:

    • personal development and growth, including time management
    • stronger sense of communications
    • strong interpersonal skills that relate to work environment and customers
    • increased sales and productivity
    • employee development
    • results through team work

Who should attend?

If you are dedicated to a management career
If you manage people
If you manage a single location/unit
If you are responsible for multi-unit management
If you own a small business
If you direct a mid-size or a large corporation
If you are part of a corporation
If you are in a position of managing people without formal education in management

We also offer the basic format of this program in a work environment with one-one coaching.

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