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I have been in management for over 25 years. I have had the opportunity to serve various organizations (business and academic) in different positions. From front line Assistant Manager, General Manager, District / Area Manager, Director of Training and Human Resources to Vice President of Operations and Training and now the President of CMS. Each position has it's own set of opportunities, challenges and, of course, fun.

More importantly, from each position and it's functions I gained experience and knowledge. Over the years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and ideas that would be of great benefit to the business community at large and many other organizations. Through my observations and experience I see that large corporations have enormous resources available to them. However at times, they require a fresh and objective approach to develop creative and powerful solutions that positively impact productivity . Small to mid-size businesses and organizations generate great ideas but may lack the resources, CMS serves as that resource. Creative Management Systems takes a fresh and objective look at situations and provides creative and powerful solution that help you save time and money and help you grow.

I have dedicated myself to serve the business community and other organizations as a resource with integrity and the highest of standards. Over the years of being active in the business and academic environment, I always felt a need for a one stop company, to help facilitate operations. A company that you could call or contact that would be able to assist you in various aspects of managing your business, rather than to extract a few kernels of information and ideas, here and there, and making it a time consuming affair. As a result we offer from training to marketing to seminars to developing business plans, to in fact all the products and services that we have outlined on our web site.

Also, I felt very strongly that such a concept must be developed in a way that, once the programs are implemented the company should monitor the successful implementation and bring the programs to fruition in it's entirety. And this is exactly what we at CMS stand for and accomplish. We will not drop any project until our clients are satisfied beyond their expectations.

At CMS we use words "individual and personalized" with commitment and meaning. Each business and organization is unique, and my promise is to treat each concept with uniqueness and it's own identity. Therefore, we will first understand your concept, then determine the areas of opportunity and then develop a plan with strategies that will best suit your needs. You may need a little advice or confirmation or verification or a complete in-depth plan. The creative solutions we propose will be completed with the highest of integrity and excellence. One can introduce generic programs, but unless they are tailored to suit the needs of your personal concept and environment, the effectiveness may be extremely questionable.

I wish you success and prosperity.

Very Sincerely,

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