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Creative Hiring & Retention


With fierce competition every where, today's business demands, strong recruitment programs. This is a necessity, not an option. This program cultivates various recruiting factors and options and how to implement them.

The topics covered:

    • Developing a Budget, so that no one is in the dark
    • Developing Creative Strategies & Sourcing
    • Identifying recruitment needs + 1
    • Interviewing Process; Structured vs. Unstructured. For best results which one is better?
    • Behavioral Interviewing
    • Developing creative ads
    • Recruitment is an on-going process
    • Developing position profiles
    • Effective Orientation

Who should attend ?

Corporate Executives responsible for operations, human resources
Department Heads
General Managers
Personnel Recruiters
Owners / Operators
Multi-Unit Managers

For details and free comprehensive consultation:

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