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COMPENSATING MEALS: What is a reasonable way to handle charging them?

  • Why should a meal be compensated?
  • Understand the causes for returned meal
  • The effects of various major chains on consumer minds
  • Main points to include in developing your action plan

RESTAURANT TRAINING & RETURN ON INVESTMENT: How to Quantify - An Actual Case in Point

  • Does training in the restaurant industry yield a ROI?
  • Identify variables, to measure the success of training in your operations.
  • Gain more respect for your training department and approval for a healthier budget.
  • Unifying training throughout operations so that everyone "talks" the same language.

CATCH ME DOING IT RIGHT: A Strategy to Perpetually Improve Employee Morale

  • The nature of the restaurant industry.
  • Developing a Strategy for a consistent use of positive reinforcements.
  • Developing rules to maintain fairness for all.
  • Allowing your strategy to evolve and having fun with it.